A combined schedule of all events is listed on this page. Subject to change for the next few days.
More details on types of events can be found here:
Furry Village @ DEFCON | DEFCON Furs Tracks @ Queercon | Parties @ Queercon

Note: Bally's Furry Village is open to public, but a DEFCON Furs 2019 badge is required for the hosted bar. Badges available in Furry Village.
Note: Events at Alexis Park require a queercon badge (except for friday pool party events). Badges available in Queercon registration.
Note: There is a shuttle between Bally's Hotel and Alexis Park hotel. Check Shuttle Page for more information.

DEFCON Furs Furry Lounge is located at the Alexis Park Hotel in Zeus A

DEFCON Furs Furry Talks is located at the Alexis Park Hotel in Zeus C

DEFCON Furs Furry Village Location: Jubilee Tower, Bally's Las Vegas (Suite number TBD)


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